(for global / 英語のみ) Call for participation to “GP League 2020@Tokyo”

Call for participation to “GP League 2020@Tokyo”


Playful coding experiences with new Japanese friends!

Come join our 1st international coding event in Tokyo, JAPAN summer 2020!

GP League (Global Programming League) will host a one-day coding competition “GP League 2020 @Tokyo” for elementary school students during summer in Tokyo, Japan.
This invitational competition will invite international teams.
Coding beginners are most welcomed to join our first international championship!

<Flyers are available here>


・Age: Elementary (max 12)
・Team size: 4 participants + 1 adult coach (age: 20+)

How to apply

Sign up for more information with the form or follow our SNS!
*Online Application will start from 3/15/2020 to 4/10/2020.

Twitter http://bit.ly/TW_2001

Facebook http://bit.ly/FB_2001

e-mail http://bit.ly/GP_mail

About Us, GP League

GP League (GPL/ Global Programming League) gives playful coding experiences with competition styled free events for elementary school students.
・Over the last 3 years, +10,000 elementary students gained coding experiences with us.
・Our national final competition has been regularly broadcasted on national TV programs.
・The competition rules are originally made in Japan for battle styled.


Join our learning community “GP League” to promote coding more!

GP League is an OPEN Platform

We are proud to be supported by many leading technology companies and organizations that resonate with our mission to deliver fun coding experiences with free to as many young Japanese students as possible.

GP Leagues invites your company to join a growing community of people that are passionate to empower young people by giving fun and free coding experiences nationwide in JAPAN. We aim to tie close relationships with a limited number of companies and organizations. We will gladly engage in a dialogue with you on how your support can get the maximum effect. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at hello@gpleague.jp

For learning materials’ providers

We Welcome ANY coding tools or robots, ANY Software, ANYONE from ANYWHERE!
We are happy to introduce some of our partners, Japanese coding kits here !!!


Programming Zemi by DeNA

“Programming Zemi” is an app that children can learn coding by playing cute characters with visual programming.



PETS is an intuitive, physical experience-based programming learning kit.


Training Gym App

The training gym app gives you the joy to learn the basics of programming “algorithm” with 30 game stages. Operating environment: Android4.4 and above, iOS9.0 and above


Hack for play

HackforPlay is a role-playing game (RPG) that children can excite learning coding as if they are crazy about playing games.


Academic evidence

Our challenges will be developed as learning environments for all beginners of programming based on a joint study “Learn of Programming for Beginners: A Survey and Taxonomy of Programming Learning Tool” with Prof. Hironori Washizaki and Prof. Daisuke Saito of the Institute of Global Software Engineering from Waseda University. The study covered 54materials to learn computational thinking or coding and shows each their characteristic.
Find the paper here:  http://bit.ly/GP_waseda17